Yeast Infection? What Causes Yeast Infection?

Among women, yeast infections come second when it comes to reasons for vaginal infections such as discharge, itching and burning. And yeasts that are found in most women can overgrow when environmental changes in the vagina occur. Some of the common reasons for yeast infection spread are steroids and antibiotic. However the following can also contribute to the acquisition of yeast infection: pregnancy, sperm, diabetes, menstruation, and birth control pills. It is also common for yeast infection to occur after menopause.

The Effect of Steroids

Those who have had weak immune systems because of steroids, cancer treatments and diseases like AIDS can have candidal infections in their entire body. The occurrence of such condition can be critical since some organs of the body are affected such as the heart, brain, eye, kidney, lungs, spleen and liver. Such infection can also affect the blood.

A quarter of those who have weak immune systems acquire a systematic illness by Candida. In this illness, their bloodstreams are being accessed by the infection through cuts or skin breakdowns. And with the recurrent use of antibiotics, the bacteria which keep the yeast under control is being eliminated thus causing the build up or development of candidal organisms.

Another cause of yeast infection is the use of urinary catheters and IV ports. These devices are the kinds that are set in the skin and can cause the yeast to invade the body. Moreover, yeasts can be injected directly into an IV drug addict’s deep tissues or blood streams using a needle.

Candidiasis at the Onset

Candidiasis is a kind of yeast infection that is caused by a fungi or yeast. Among the different kinds of Candida, the most widespread is the Candida Albicans. These fungi actually live throughout our body surfaces. However, they can be very numerous and can cause infection under certain circumstances. This condition happens particularly in our body’s moist and warm areas. The most common infections include vaginal yeast infection, rashes in the skin and diaper areas, thrush and nail bed infections.

Symptoms of Yeast Infection

The symptoms of yeast infection can be different. It depends upon the infection location. In women a common symptom of yeast infection in the vagina is a thick, white, unpleasant discharge. This discharge usually causes the irritation and itching of the surrounding tissues and the vagina itself. In some instances, it may cause pain during sexual activity and burning while urinating.

In adults and infants, however, candidal infection can be seen in different forms. Thrush is the term used for oral candidiasis. On the tongue, thick patches on top can form. These patches can also be seen in the palate or anywhere inside the mouth. They sometimes appear like milk curds but you cannot remove them by wiping. This kind of infection can be excruciating and can cause difficulty in eating. Secondary care should be given so that proper nutrition will be maintained to avoid further complications. It is important to give adequate care to a thrush patient to make sure that he or she is not dehydrated.

Over the years, there have been great developments regarding the natural cure of yeast infection. What is good about natural treatments is that they work on the root cause of the infection thus, not only eliminating existing outbreaks, but also, more importantly, helping prevent the initial occurrence of any further infection.

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