Breast Cancer – The Most Common Disease of Women

Women Cure Your Breast Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society and the American Medical Association breast cancer is the most common disease found in women and is the second most major cause of death for them. Normally, the disease is not invasive until they reach their twenties. Every single year millions of women are diagnosed with breast cancer. As women get older, cancer screening visits increase and is the most common reason for office visits to their doctors. The biggest procedure women follow up when they visit their doctors is a mammogram. A mammogram is used to check the breast to determine if any cancer is present.

The first question women usually have is what breast cancer is. Breast cancer is described as abnormal cells that have mutated and they are no longer normal.

The next question asked is why so many women get breast cancer. There are many causes of this dreaded disease. In some women, it appears to form if their menstrual cycle begins too soon. The average age for women to start their menstrual cycle is around twelve year of age. However, for those that begin earlier, evidence has indicated that for many, this group runs the risk of getting breast cancer sometime in their life even before they reach thirty.

If a woman has menopause after fifty, this can be the cause of a woman’s system to make hormones in her body change too late.

Too much saturated fat in the diet can cause breast cancer. A diet including monounsaturated fats like canola oil and olive oil does not appear to induce or increase the chance of breast cancer.

Many types of breast cancers are genetic in nature. If the family has a history of breast cancer, it is likely to be passed on to later generations. Women that have a history of a female family member who had breast cancer also have and increased probability of acquiring it.

Women who take estrogen replacement therapy can also be cursed with this disease. This is mostly true if the therapy has been extended up to ten years. It is obvious that breast cancer is a grievous disease that should never be ignored. Women should schedule regular check-ups with their doctor especially when they have reached their twenties.

What Breast Cancer Is:

t is to your advantage to know just what breast cancer is so you will know how to fight it. Knowing what breast cancer is will make coping with it, and perhaps curing it, much easier. Breast cancer is a group of cells in the breast that have become abnormal for various reasons. Researchers suspect that some forms of bacteria get into normal cells and cause mutations. When this happens, the mutated cells then attack other normal cells and cause them to become mutated. Some cells wind up getting destroyed in the process.

When many cells are altered in this way, cancer develops. Often a small amount of these mutated cells wind up being cancerous. This is why cancer often starts in a small section of the breast then outwardly spreads.

If the cancer is not controlled or stopped, it can spread even beyond the breast and end up in other parts of the body. At that time it becomes imperative to quickly find a cure.

Scientists know what breast cancer is. Researchers know that since cancer is a group of abnormal cells, they apply their research toward finding chemicals that can destroy the mutated cells, or alter them so they can repair themselves and become normal again.

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