Information On Genital Warts

When we hear about sexually transmitted diseases, we usually hear about HIV, AIDS, gonorrhea, or herpes. However, the human papillomavirus (HPV) is something that absolutely should not be overlooked when it comes to threats to the body arising from sexual activity. There are a variety of strains of HPVs. Some have been linked to cancer both in the cervical area of women and the penis of men. Other, more common strains, are the causal factor in genital warts. For this reason, all sexually active people should apprise themselves of genital warts information prior to engaging in sexual activities with any other person.

One of the most important pieces of genital warts information that any sexually active adult should have is that these warts are not usually the single bump that is commonly found on a finger or a toe. In fact, genital warts can form clusters that are sometimes quite large in the genital and anal areas of an infected adult. Both men and women can be infected, and the infection may not be contained to external areas.

An additional important piece of genital warts information that any adult who is considering becoming sexually active is that the same virus, HPV, that can cause genital warts can also cause cervical and other forms of cancer. In addition, it cannot be assumed that cervical cancer is the only such risk from HPV. In fact, the human papillomavirus can also present as penile cancer, other anogenital forms as well as certain head and neck cancers.

Given this, then, abstinence prior to getting tests for both partners is an excellent step in proactive healthcare. Another great idea for those who are just learning valuable pieces of genital warts information, is to consider getting vaccinated as a precautionary measure. While the HPV vaccine is not going to protect anyone against every single strain of this potentially deadly virus, it has been proven effective against the two most virulent strains of cancer-causing HPV, which are HPV 16 and 18.

While just the idea of reading genital warts information may seem embarrassing and one of those things that just do not happen to you, this simply is not the case. Genital warts and potentially cancer can happen to anyone who engages in sexual intercourse, or other unprotected activities of this nature. For this reason, it is vital to not only read genital warts information, but to also protect yourself and the ones you love.

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