Mr.Dimitri Martin (IB Math Higher level  student 2009-11)

Doing Bachelor degree, IESEG School of management, Lille, France

Not only is Mr. Vairavan an excellent Math teacher, but he is also passionate in this field.During the time I was in his class, one could see that the success of one student pleased him, but what really made him happy was the success of his class. I have never seen him giving up on any student, and he would support each and every one of us regardless of the time and energy he would have to spend to do so.

He is a strict, yet loving teacher, and his methods are effective, no matter whom he is teaching.

As a conclusion, I would say that learning math from him is interesting and efficient.


Ms.Sonalee Rau(IB Math Higher level student 2009-10)

Currently doing Bachelors in Economics,  Columbia University, USA

Mr. Vairavan has truly, personally invested in the success of his students. He provides individualized attention based on the particular topics or problem-solving techniques with which they need the most help and, above all, has a strong friendly rapport with everyone he teaches. I found that he brought out the best in me and my class because he encouraged us to work as hard as we could both inside and outside the classroom, and helped us focus on long-term goals. Mr. Vairavan’s enjoyment of mathematics and deep interest in the subject is transferred naturally to all of his students — this is the greatest gift any educator can give to a pupil.


Ms.Hamsini Gopalakrishna (Studied Math Higher Level International Baccalaureate under Mr.Vairavan in 2010) Currently a Junior (III year) Materials Science and Engineering student at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana USA. Email: [email protected]

Mr. Vairavan is a really efficient teacher. He knows the material he teaches very well. He can very easily and competently teach the complex and confusing topics in mathematics like calculus, probability and set theory. He makes students gain confidence and makes learning math fun. He is a very nice and helpful as a person too. I have a lot of respect for the way he conducts a class and for the rigour he puts into each lecture. The homework problems set by him if practiced by the students will build great confidence in them. Students learning mathematics from him will definitely know the subject like the back of their hand. His classes will be a very interesting and mind opening experience for the students taking the IB, A levels, ICSE, CBSE schemes of study. Each of his classes was a great learning experience to me. He instills a love for mathematics which makes it easy and fun.


Mr.Ayan Agarwal(IB Math Higher level  student 2009-10)

Currently doing B.S. Business Administration, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, USA 

Vairavan Sir is an excellent Math teacher, he often goes out of his way to ensure that his students excel. During high school, he voluntarily held additional classes in the mornings, came to our dormitories and even created a classroom activity based on math problems to make classes more fun. Vairavan Sir also went out of his way to painstakingly compile Math problems based on  difficulty levels and topics. Lastly, he not only gives good Math advice but also interesting life tips!


Ms.Amrutha Srinivasan (IGCSE Additional Math student 2010-11)

Mr. Vairavan is one of the few teachers who really focuses on imbibing the concept rather than merely arriving at the answer. Not only is he academic-oriented, but he also helps to broaden our knowledge in the subject as a whole. The concepts I’ve learnt from him continue to help me even in 11th and 12th grade. His passion towards teaching clearly reflects in his methodology. Attending his classes increased my interest in the subject and enhanced my problem solving skills by a great deal. Thank you Mr Vairavan!


Mr.Avinash Prasad(IB Math Higher level  student 2009-10)

Currently doing Bmath, Math/Financial Analysis and Risk Management, University of Waterloo, Canada

Mr.Vairavan is an excellent teacher whose teaching style and technique coupled with his enthusiasm creates a great learning environment. Mr.Vairavan is able to explain the complex ideas in mathematics clearly and demonstrate problem solving techniques and approaches in such a way that it is very easy to understand. Most importantly, he really cares for his students and is very willing to help you personally with any unique difficulties you may have in the learning process. Mr.Vairavan really got me interested in mathematics and its applications which resulted in my pursuit of higher education in mathematics.


Mr.Kaustav Gopinathan(IB Math Higher level  student 2010-12)

Currently studying Electrical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mr. Vairavan has taught me since the 5th grade at Indus, and I am proud to be one of his students. His teaching style is unlike anyone else I have learned from. He teaches with a kind of enthusiasm that can only come from a true enjoyment of the subject. He engages with the class in such a way that it almost seems like he enjoys learning from the class as much as we enjoy learning from him. Because he encourages exploration of the subject over rote-learning, his students develop a special understanding of Mathematics. All the same, he can teach the skills necessary to succeed in exams when needed.

One of the most unique aspects of Mr. Vairavan as a teacher is his desire to connect with his students and make them, not just better Mathematicians, but also better people. He often spends entire classes discussing issues of character. These qualities as well as the sheer hard work he puts into his classes and materials has earned him the respect of nearly every student in the class. He is one of the most inspirational teachers I have been fortunate enough to learn from, and his character, skills, and attitude is something all of his students admire.


Mr.Rahul Bhide(IB Math Higher level student 2010-12)

Currently studying Economics and Political Science at the University of Chicago

“Mr. Vairavan is a fantastic Mathematics teacher. His clear teaching style ensures that not only we were able to understand concepts and how to use them, but also how the concept was formed. He is patient and understanding while teaching in class, but also insistent that each and every child lives up to their potential, which is admirable. He also goes the extra mile with every single child, regardless of aptitude, to help them do their best, and I cannot stress how much he helped me with my IB Mathematics HL course. Mr. Vairavan is the right person for your child’s education in Mathematics.”


Mr.Avinash Navada (IB Math Higher level  student 2009-11)

Doing Bachelors, Cornell University, USA.

Mr. Vairavan is both a math enthusiast and a brilliant teacher. As one of his students in IB Higher Level Math, I found his teaching style casual yet informative, which made math seem more interesting and less of a burden. He would schedule additional support classes and office hours for anyone who needed help. He would even organize “Math Lunches”, which were post-lunch math problem-solving sessions for anyone who was interested. These extra efforts that Mr. Vairavan took reflect the interest and dedication that he has to the subject and to the success of his students. Furthermore, as my Extended Essay supervisor, he guided me through the difficult task of writing a research paper and helped me earn a good score on the essay. I have no doubt that Vairavan Academy will see success in the years to come.


Mr.Varun Narayan(IB Math Higher level student 2010-12)

Currently studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University.

Mr. Vairavan has taught me math many times over the past eight years, and he has instilled a deep love and passion for the subject in me. We would attend his classes not because we needed to, but because we wanted to. There were multiple instances of children coming to school only for the math class. Mr. Vairavan isn’t content with just teaching the formulae but wants to make you understand why these formulae work. He welcomes student participation and will listen to all students ideas and makes everyone actively participate, so classes aren’t just a lecture. Mr. Vairavan is more than happy to help with any problems you may have, any more questions you wish to solve, you just need to ask. If you need it, he is willing to give up weekends and free time to do it for you. When asked by the administration how they could improve the quality of teaching in our school, I only had one answer “ask Mr. Vairavan”.


Ms.Ria Vaidya(IB Math Higher level student 2010-12)

Currently studying Neuroscience and Literary Arts at Brown University.

Mr. Vairavan is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He is very committed to his students and does everything he possibly can to ensure that each of his students can reach their potential. His passion for math can inspire even the most disinclined student, and we’ve always felt he was more like a mentor than a teacher. He made it a point to teach us everything he could about math and go further, exposing us to extremely valuable life lessons in terms of work ethics and more. I can only hope that my professors in college are half as motivated and willing to help their students!


Mr.Tejas Narayan(IB Math Higher level student 2010-12)

Currently studying Bioengineering at University of Pennsylvania.

I have had Mr. Vairavan as my teacher since the 5th grade and he has done so much more in that period of time than merely making me a good  mathematician, he was, and is one of the best teachers I have ever known.  He has a style of teaching that places the onus of learning on the student, rather than on the teacher.  It becomes your responsibility to learn, and yet he is fully willing to give up his free time in order to find problems for you to do, or address your doubts, provided you are willing to come forward and do your part.

Mr. Vairavan also encourages contributions from the students he will consistently expect us to reflect on what we have learned in class and use that to extrapolate new ideas and share these with the class.  He is a teacher I will always respect, not only because of his immense math knowledge and ability to teach, but because he honestly tried to turn each of his students into better human beings.


Mr.Aditya Sharad(IB Math Higher level student 2010-12)

Currently studying Mathematics and Computer Science at University of Oxford.

Mr. Vairavan does much more than teach math. He focuses on understanding rather than repetitive problem-solving, making sure his students can apply what they have learned to unfamiliar problems and situations. His explanations of mathematical concepts are simply superb, ensuring that you will be very thorough with the basic ideas even before you apply them. He believes that he learns as much from each lesson as we do, and is always willing to clear doubts, repeat difficult concepts, and get everyone to participate in class discussions.

Shortly after Mr. Vairavan began teaching our class, we reached a stage where every student decided to be responsible for their learning – taking part in discussions, submitting assignments on time and being punctual for classes. He had taught us that he would go out of his way to help us succeed, if we were responsible enough to make an effort from our side. It is very rare to find a teacher who can convince his students to follow such values so easily and effectively.

To sum things up: if you are looking for a teacher who will bring out every student’s full potential in mathematics, explain concepts beautifully, and inspire those in his class to be hard-working and responsible, there is no one better than Mr. Vairavan.


Ms.Bhairavi Madhusudhan, (IB Math Higher level  student 2009-11)

Currently doing B.Sc. in Economics and B.A. in International Studies, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, USA

“I was nervous when I first started the IB Mathematics Higher Level course. I was interested in Math, but it was by no means my biggest academic strength. Mr. Vairavan was quick to realize that I was holding myself back, and committed to changing my mind about Math and my quantitative ability. I’ve never had a teacher who is more invested in the success of his students, who is keen to instill a genuine love for the subject, and who treats his students as individuals instead of as mere statistics. His passion for the subject is truly contagious, and he brings out the best in everyone he teaches. It was a pleasure to be taught by him, and I would strongly recommend him and his institution to any prospective student.”


Ms.Sivani Hari(IB Math Higher level  student 2011-12)

Coming into 9th grade, both my skill and my level of interest in math were fairly weak. Yet, my parents and I decided that I should give the Additional Math course a try. I recall entering my first class rather disgruntled, and coming out pleasantly surprised; Mr. Vairavan’s infectious enthusiasm for his subject was incredibly encouraging. Throughout the 3 years I’ve been taught by him, Mr. Vairavan has constantly tested our understanding of different concepts, fiercely adamant that we were to fully understand each and every problem before moving onto the next. He is always open and patient, tireless in his goal to make us not only better Math students, but better people all round. More than just a teacher, Mr. Vairavan is a role model for me and all my classmates. He was the teacher that shifted my mindset from merely tolerating math to enjoying it. It was a privilege to be taught by someone as passionate about his subject as Mr. Vairavan, and I couldn’t recommend him enough.


Ms.Malavika Rao(IB Math Higher level student 2010-12)

Currently studying studio art at Kalamazoo College.

Math isn’t just an area of expertise for Mr Vairavan, it’s a way of life. To him, math is not just about differentiating equations or sketching functions, it’s about taking a problem, looking it in the eye and saying “Hey! I can solve you.” Needless to say, that doesn’t just go for math. That’s what Mr Vairavan has taught me. Of course, he’s taught me how to multiply complex numbers and use a graphic calculator, but more than that he’s taught me that every problem has a solution, and all I have to do is never give up, because the minute I do that, I’ve let the problem win. He’s taught me that bigger problems take longer to solve, and I can’t expect to solve them over night. All I need is patience. And that is what Mr Vairavan is made of. No matter how late I was with handing in assignments, or how badly I did on tests, Mr Vairavan would never stop trying to make me work harder. He would never give up on anyone, and thanks to him, we would never give up on ourselves either. He’s not just a math teacher. He’s a mentor, a role model. He always has a billion ideas of how to help people. He thinks of things that nobody would have thought of. He is one of the most selfless people I know. He’s always there when we need him. He never says no when we ask him to stay after school to go over topics we haven’t understood. In the two years that I’ve known him, Mr Vairavan has managed to make me question my perspective on so many things. I used to think, “Who even needs this algebra stuff, How is this going to help me?” And you have to admit, you probably thought it too. But now I understand that math is more closely integrated with life than we know and I am eternally grateful to Mr Vairavan for making me realize it.


Mr.Kush Mehta(IB Math Higher level student 2010-12)

Currently studying Bioengineering at University of Pennsylvania.

Like everything else in life, Mathematics is something one needs interest in to enjoy. This is exactly what Mr. Vairavan harnesses from all of his students. He has been my teacher and role model for close to 7 years, and it truly has been a privilege. He believes in a holistic education, ensuring that each and every student is able to understand the significance of what he or she is learning. The quality to ask, “Why do we do that?” at every step instead of simply memorizing for the sake of it is a tool that enables students to excel in everything they do. Simultaneously, he will make sure that all students can understand a concept; however, difficult it may seem, and on top of this, will sacrifice his time to sit with the student to clear all doubts.

Sometimes I am fascinated by how Mr. Vairavan can cover a huge syllabus in a short time with a variety of students, and still manage to spend time to teach us about moral qualities that I will cherish throughout my life. His ideologies, his hard work, his love for the subject and his belief in mutually respecting relationships with his students, are what make him the best teacher I have had, and a dear friend.


Mr.Justin Pritham (IB Math Higher level student 2009 -10)

Mr.Vairavan Ramamoorthy has many strengths but his main strength, from my observations, is his ability to motivate students. He always seemed sincerely interested in their progress. He also did a good job in recognizing when a student needed special attention or assistance. His ability to connect with each student, by addressing each students unique talents and specific needs was absolutely incredible.


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