Somatic consulting & structural energywork

There are multiple bodies of work out there addressing the relationship between our inner and outer world in terms of – what shows up according to what’s transpiring within us:

• “Ask and it is Given” ; Jerry and Esther Hicks

• “Dancing the Dream: The Seven Sacred Paths to Human Transformation” – Jamie Sams

• “Creative Visualization” – Shakti Gawain 

• Yoga – specifically the more energetic forms such as Vinyasa flow and Kundalini

After being exposed to these works, and through his own observations through a diligent yoga asana practice (amongst others), William discovered an uncanny correlation between what was happening within his physical, emotional, and energetic being, and what was happening in his life. He noticed his finances, relationships, even (seemingly) random events ebbed and flowed in concert with the inner tides within his being. Naturally, what he was learning in his life transferred into his bodywork practice, out of a sense that his purpose had to do with creating profound change in the lives of others.

Revering every client’s body and personal journey as sacred, he was inspired to hold the potential for  highest benefit to come out of each session. To honor this intention, he always conversed with his clients (held an initial “verbal consultation”) prior to each session to allow them to get present to the session by honoring what was transpiring in their lives

Over time, he began getting feedback from his clients that this consultation was of high value, often unlocking themes and archetypes linked to core issues pertinent to that client at the time. He would later find that these core issues showed relevance to the physical issues the client was there to address. 

​Intrigued greatly by this, Will’s personal research began, and his world opened up. .

Through continuing mentorship and refined attention to detail in the nature of the physiology and nature of the musculoskeletal system, his effectiveness as a practitioner improving – he found that the ability for a client’s body to open relied heavily on their receptivity level. He theorized that if the body opened too quickly, perhaps non-physical (emotional/mental/energetic) changes would happen before the client was ready to process them. Conversely, he theorized that if the client were not prepared to shift on these non-physical levels, perhaps the body would not open, would resist, or only open for a short period, springing back to its prior state shortly thereafter – due to an incomplete, superficial, or “physical-only” resolution.

His suspicions that powerful healing and transformation were possible through “embodiment work” (approaches that involve connecting multiple aspects of being through the body – which he later cam to know as “somatics”) – were confirmed when he had his first clients begin to release trauma (view the “Trauma Resolution” tab to learn more). He was amazed to receive feedback weeks or months later, that the specific elements the client was facing in their life at the time of the session – had transformed or resolved,  opening them to a new wave of prosperity and/or happiness. The clients were able to see the correlation between the emotion associated with the trauma release, the area of the body it was released from, and the results they later saw in their life.

​Edmonson’s attention being piqued, he chose to learn more about trauma, and picked up a book he already had in his library – “Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma” by Peter Levine. A simple and yet very comprehensive view on the physiology and nature of trauma in the body was relayed by the time Will had read the fourth chapter. He began to focus on this aspect of his practice.

After some years, Edmonson realized that taking a trauma-oriented approach wasn’t 100% effective, as not everyone would recognize its value for them, have interest, or resonate with the approach. ​He learned that trauma release is as much about openness, the individual’s personal process, their being ready (timing), the context of the client/practitioner relationship, and of the session itself. 

​At this time, Edmonson went into meditation on the purpose behind his work to re-discover his true intention. What he discovered was that he was not a “healer” – remembering that healing always transpires from within. His intention was not merely to relieve pain, or to offer temporary relaxation. Rather, his deepest, truest intention was to support the fulfillment of the deepest truest intention of others, such that they could live their enhanced purpose, and make a greater difference in the world.

Hence, Somatic Consulting was born. A context which had as much focus on resolution of residue from the past stored in the mind/body relationship; as on creation into the future. It is through accessing the power of the present moment, and employing deeply effective modalities for the multiple aspects of one’s being – that this resolution and creation is accessed.

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