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Special Event Showcase (S.E.S.) is hosting its second annual national entertainment conference in Spring 2007. S.E.S. hosts a variety of interactive entertainment shows at its national conference. In promoting West Michigan, S.E.S. invites the community to participate in its special events and promotes local businesses to its visiting members.

The purpose of S.E.S. is to enhance and promote awareness of the diversity and range of interactive entertainment products available in the market. The variety of entertainment options on exhibit at S.E.S. provides event planners with refreshing, innovative ideas for future events.


S.E.S. will host the ThinkFast Challenge, an interactive trivia competition for West Michigan high schools. All high schools are invited to send teams to compete at the DeVos Place Convention Center for a Grand Prize 5,000.00 entertainment prize and a 000 Best Buy gift certificate. In addition to pop culture trivia, the game show content will also contain a health awareness message.

Round 1 Winners: West Catholic High School
Round 2 Winners: Freedom Baptist High School
Grand Prize: Freedom Baptist High School

ThinkFast Challenge




In promoting West Michigan, S.E.S. implemented a Dining Card program for all delegate members. As a part of the conference registration fee, delegates receive a Visa Dining Card with a designated value. S.E.S. is promoting its members and guests to use their dining cards at local restaurants and businesses.


S.E.S. Sportz is hosting the X-Treme Air World Championship of Vertical Wind Tunnels. Athletes from around the globe will compete for ,500.00 cash and the title, ‘X-Treme Air Champion’. You will be amazed to see these wind tunnel specialists blast off up to 60’ above the ground and perform death defying acrobatic moves, seemingly weightless as they hover over a DC-3 airplane propeller and spin mid-air.

Please call Tim John at (877) 295-5559 to discuss package opportunities for the 2007 Special Event Showcase National Conference.

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