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Actos side effects continue to get worse and people are seriously sick because of it.  Side effects are just a part of taking medication.  Most side effects do not happen but because they may, they are listed.  Common side effects such as muscle aches, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, minimal weight gain, etc are something most people do not experience or if so experience for a short time.  Most people outweighed the side effects to the condition to determine what should be taken.    There are also side effect warnings in case of allergic reaction.  These warnings give people a heads up in case there is an ingredient in the medicine that may cause an allergic reaction for them. Takeda the manufacturer of Actos did not warn patients and doctors of the increased risks of actos side effects and patients are suffering from Takedas decision.

Actos Side Effects: Lethal Actos Side Effects

It is a completely different story when these possible side effects become life threating and more commonly experienced.  Advandia had to pull their product off the shelves because of the dangers of heart attack and cardiovascular risks.  When this was done in 2007, Actos became the fall guy to Advandia and everyone believed it was the safest option.  Takeda put their product on the shelves in 1999.  Since then Actos has been listed in the top ten best medications and has made over 3 billion dollars selling Actos.  Actos side effects were listed but there were a couple risks that were not stressed like they should have been.

Heart conditions and most recently actos bladder cancer have been connected to the use of long term Actos use and added to the actos side effects list.  Actos side effects like these may not be common but they can prove to be disastrous to all aspects of a one’s life.  These side effects need to be made public immediately at the time of production and should have been noticed before two million people started taking it.  This was negligence on Takedas part for not making patients aware of the dangerous actos side effects and they owe their patients more than an apology. Hundreds of people have already experienced actos side effects and many are starting their actos lawsuits.

Actos Side Effects: What we can do to help

Not only will hundreds of thousands of people need to switch to a new medication for their type two diabetes but hundreds of thousands will need to consult with their physician about the possibilities of Actos side effects.  We have attorneys that are specialized in lawsuits against these big drug companies and know what compensation can be given and how to get what you deserve.

Actos side effects have affected many people and within time we will no doubt hear about thousands more. Start your actos lawsuit today.  We do not collect if you don’t collect so there are no charges until after you have received your compensation.   If you or a loved one has suffered from Actos side effects, please fill out the form to the right and let us start seeking the retribution you deserve.

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