Healthsoft USA

Security Policy

Security not only includes documents and/or records but our
personnel as well. Records entering or leaving the facility need management’s

We have procedures that are in place throughout the processing
phase to assure that all work is completed.  All documentation is tracked
and accounted for.  As documentation is received at our processing center,
it is logged in, assigned a production number, counted, put in batches of
20-50, and assigned batch numbers prior to being processed. This provides us
with the ability to track, identify, & verify the production process.

It is important to us to have a two level three (3) times daily
backup. All data is backed up three times per day at the facility, first to a
backup server, second to a tape cartridge and stored in a secure location under
management control.  We maintain the most stringent standards of data and
document security.  We have implemented RSA’s two-factor authentication
for all logical access in our facility.  We also encrypt all data in the
facility and also during transmission.

All databases are backed up off-site.  Firewalls are in
place for the safe and secure transfer of data – both from clients to us and
between our locations.

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