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Holistic Skin Care

The skin has a 24 hour cycle of re-birth, during which dead skin cells are pushed to the surface layer of the skin to eventually slough off. Removing this layer of dead skin reveals the smooth, shiny layer of fresh, new cells underneath. In addition, the rough dead cells more readily trap dirt and oils which sink into the new cells below, creating a vicious cycle of “pre-soiled” skin cells. Regular facials allow the skin to look young and supple while optimizing its role in healthcare as the outermost protector from pathogens trying to enter the body.

Many of today’s skin care products contain dyes, chemicals and fillers. Holistic skin care is performed by a certified esthetician who uses only organic, all natural products. At Holistic Health Associates, we use the Naturopathica line for all of our facials and many of our massages. Naturopathica is a completely natural product line which utilizes biodegradable packaging.

Holistic Health Associates :: Naturopathica Holistic Facial

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